zafferello zimoncello


ZAFFILLO was born from the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs driven by a passion: love for their country and the desire to enhance their treasures.

This passion has become a company mission with a precise objective: to choose and offer products that are the maximum expression of Italian craftsmanship in terms of typical gastronomy

The peculiarity of ZAFFILLO is the search for uniqueness linked to the characteristics of the diverse regions. We know that Italy is a land of riches linked to the peculiarities of the various regions. And this variety of proposals, characteristics, uniqueness that wants to be the offer and the proposal of ZAFFILLO.

Unique products in the world born thanks to our passion, precious, with characteristics that make them the ideal ambassadors of italian excellence.

Zaffillo offers products like Limoncello, Zafferello (Limoncello with saffron) Grappa and Sambuca with saffron, also Extra-virgin olive oil