The great beauty is here.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Italian Grand Tour, discovering the history, art and the beauty of the Italian landscape was a “must” for cultural education of young aristocrats of the great European monarchies. There was a cultural reason: the culture had its origin in these lands, inside the cities, the churches, the Italian palaces. But in addition to the artistic and archaeological treasures, the young European aristocrats were in touch with the landscapes of this earth. An ideal climate for rest and for meditation, bright skies and days full of sunshine that pushed to create and think.
The Italian landscape, over the centuries it is transformed into an absolute value, indeed in the first and most important value of one nation, ours, crossroads of cultures, of stories, of sensitivity contaminated inside and outside the hills, in the plains, in the coasts, in the green and golden expanses of a land kissed by beauty. In Italy, there are natural sites and monuments, protected parks, protected marine areas. A network of safeguarded natural sanctuaries and protected.
Many of these places have been designated as human patrimony by UNESCO,  a clear sign that the Italian landscape is an absolute wealth.
From the alpine landscapes, full of rarefied and glacial beauties, up to the wild coasts of Sardinia
or of Sicily. From the plains, up to the rolling Tuscan hills, passing for the Lucan canyons, the olive groves
in Puglia, crystalline lakes, Italy is truly a beautiful show.bellezza