The most competitive wine producer in the world is Italy, according to French. This is the outcome of a study carried out by Deloitte for FranceAgrimer, the statistical agency of the French Ministry of Agriculture (edition no. 20), which estimated the performance of the main wine producers according to 6 parameters: from production potential to

Olive oil is an essential piece of any cuisine, especially in Italy, here are some interesting and important facts about this ancient and unique product, mostly produced in Tuscany and Puglia region. Olive oil can be used in almost everything, almost every dish, for frying, cooking, you can always find a use, but olive oil

Sometimes it happens that someone arrives to our house and we do not have something to drink to offer, you may have a bottle of BOCELLI WINE but it’s not at a good temperature to drink, and putting the bottle in the freezer is not always a good idea, wine needs to be drunk at