The valorization of the by-product of the oil production chain in the project of the Cnr di Lecce becomes a pate to be used in the bakery products sector

The project financed by the Puglia Region and carried out by the Institute of Food Production Sciences Cnr of Lecce with the collaboration of Coldiretti Lecce, Coopolio Salento and the group of Prof. Servili (UniPG), aims at enhancing a new by-product of the oil production chain: the olive oil. From the difference to the value for a new product: from the patè, made with a new technique of oil extraction, ie the decanter Dmf (multiphase), you get the “Passatadoliva”, the name of the project presented on Monday 11 February 2019, at 10.30, in the Chamber of Commerce of Lecce.

The by-product obtained with this decanter (olive paste) consists of pulp and peel. Once thermally stabilized, chemically or by fermentation (using lactic acid bacteria and selected yeasts), it will be used to make bakery products (tarallini, crackers and biscuits) with functional properties and greater added value. The product thus allows to use and make profitable a noble part of olive processing, so far remained silent and destined for disposal. Through this project, possible applications of the product in the food sector have been explored.

This project is representing a strong innovation in the sector for the partnership. In fact, the pate is a source of monoinstauric fiber and fatty acids. It is characterized by a high content of phenolic substances and numerous other compounds of great interest for human health. It can in fact be defined as a real nutraceutical food.
The project explored, in particular, the possibility of using this new olive by-product for the production of bakery products with functional properties: taralli, bread, frize, sweets and other foods typical of the Mediterranean diet.

The details were illustrated in the conference entitled “Olive Pass, an opportunity for the exploitation of the by-products of the olive production chain”, which opened with the greetings of Claudio Quarta, president Coopolio Salento, of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Alfredo Prete and Antonio Francesco Lo Grieco, director of Cnr-Ispa with the interventions of: Pantaleo Piccinno, president of Dajs (jonic-salentino agro-food district), Giovanni Mita, Ispa Cnr Lecce, Maurizio Servili, University of Perugia, Gianluca Bleve, Ispa Cnr , Viaviana Durante, Ispa Cnr. Conclusions entrusted to the president of Coldiretti Lecce, Gianni Cantele. Moderator: Francesco Manzari, Director of Coldiretti Lecce.

Gianni Cantele of Coldiretti Lecce declares: “Coldiretti is always ready to support innovation in the field of agriculture, in particular to make this project interesting is the fact of transforming the waste product of oil processing, which is a cost and has a certain environmental impact, in an income opportunity for the companies of Salento at this time besieged by the scourge xylella “.

Circular economy actions and policies enter the tissues of the Italian and European territory overwhelmingly through process and product innovation. The road of the by-product is a way and a virtuous path for companies that want to concretely become part of the circular model by implementing corporate saving processes. All this is the near future and companies are already looking in amazement at what is still possible to do with their processing waste, to be understood as a new business and no longer as a problem and costs.

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