Puglia remains the main region of extra virgin olive oil production, with 87 million kilos, despite the 58% drop, as reported by an analysis carried out in these days by Coldiretti Italia. “Calabria, in second place for production, recorded 47 million kilos and a reduction of 34%. On the lowest step of the podium is Sicily, where the cut is 25%, for a production of 39 million pounds, while in Campania the crop is 11.5 million pounds, – 30%.

“The risk for consumers – the association denounces – is that in the bottles of oil, perhaps sold under Italian brands sold abroad or with the label of large retailers, there is a foreign product favored by labels where the indication of the provenance is often illegible. On the packs – Coldiretti points out – it is practically impossible, in the vast majority of cases, to read the written ‘mixtures of Community olive oils’, ‘mixtures of non-EU olive oils’ or ‘mixtures of Community and non-EU olive oils’ mandatory by law in the labels of olive oil from July 1, 2009, according to EU Regulation n.182 of March 6, 2009. The advice of Coldiretti is wary of prices too low, look more carefully labels and buy extra virgin olive oil.

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