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The origins of the delicious limoncello, sweet liqueur from Campania par excellence, are shrouded in legend and mystery and above all are uncertain: it is said that, in the Land of the Sirens, Zeus unveiled to a common mortal, whose name has remained unknown, the secret of this sweet preparation. A really precious “gift”!

According to other sources, peasant fishermen, in ancient times, used to sip a glass of lemon liqueur on particularly cold mornings. It is also reported that the monks preferred the lemon for the production of drinks inside the convents: in particular the Carthusian monks, after having hunted the Sirens from their territories, kept their good habit of sipping the limoncello.

Common custom, in the most traditional families, is to keep bottles of liquors, such as nocillo, the fragolino and of course the beloved limoncello, to be consumed at the end of the meal. To remember that a decade ago, someone (owner or restaurant staff) had the winning idea to put the bottle of limoncello in the fridge and offer it to its customers. Success was immediate! At the beginning of the 90s, the tradition of showing bottles in bars, starting from the island of Capri to the coast, in Naples after the G8 began to spread. Naturally, a product of this kind could not fail to be met abroad.

In short, a tradition that has been handed down for generations, of great success, fortunately reached us! Which of you like to sip some good limoncello after meals? Do you prepare it at home?

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