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Università di Bari conferma: “olio extravergine previene tumori, ecco quanti cucchiai servono per fare effetto”

Oleic acid is a substance that we find in large quantities only in extra virgin olive oil and not in Community or extra-Community oil. The discovery is from the research group by Antonio Moschetta of the University of Bari, thanks to a sustained research from Airc, the Italian association for cancer research. The results have been published on the
Gastroenterology magazine. “Extra virgin olive oil – explains Moschetta – is rich in  oleic acid, a substance capable of regulating cell proliferation. In preclinical studies we could simulate altered genes and states of intestinal inflammation, showing that the administration of a diet enriched with oleic acid is able to guarantee significant benefits for health. These positive effects seem to be due also to the presence of the enzyme Scd1 in the intestinal epithelium, which functions as the main regulator of oleic acid production  in our body “.

In the study the researchers inactivated the gene that encodes the Scd1 enzyme and have shown that in the absence of oleic acid in the diet, and in conditions of decreased production endogenous by this same enzyme, inflammation occurs first then the development of spontaneous tumors in the intestine. “If instead – concludes Moschetta – in the diet is added oleic acid, normal intestinal physiology is restored with reduction inflammation and protection against the formation of tumors. Taking advantage of the properties beneficial effects of oleic acid, in the future it will be possible to reduce the onset of the tumor especially in patients with intestinal inflammation or already previously affected by this disease, and slow down its growth and improve the anti-cancer treatments already in use, enhancing it the effect “.

As Il Giornale also reports, the president of “Italia Olivicola”, the first organization of Italian olive growing, Gennaro Sicolo, of this new discovery Italian on extra virgin olive oil and its health benefits. “The amazing results of the study supported by the Airc and conducted by prof. Antonio Moschetta of the University of Bari – Sicolo claims – testify how the daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil is a panacea for the life of all of us: for this we have a duty to protect always this very important product. This research – then concluded Sicolo – must bring the Government to take all possible actions to protect the sector and revive the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil through targeted and determined interventions, starting from a new olive oil plan “.

“Just consume a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for lunch and one for dinner, in addition to that used as a condiment “- report the researchers on the Republic. Moreover, i researchers have clarified that even when the enzyme works and you have a predisposition genetics, the administration of oleic acid reduces the risk of contracting the tumor bowel. And that should be treated with extra virgin olive oil made in Italy is not a matter of bell tower, nor marketing. It is science: “If compared to those produced in North Africa, for example, our oil is richer in oleic acid than palmitic acid, so it has a optimal balance of fatty acids “. The best cultivar? At least in the state of scientific research. What, once again, has crowned extra virgin olive oil as the prince of the Mediterranean diet. And it is not a case, according to Moschetta, that in the Land of Bari, as in all of Puglia, the expectation of average life exceeds 84 years of age.


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