La Dolce Vita was born in Italy.

It took a great film to represent in a good and a bad way this peculiar Italian characteristic: the passion for beauty and taste. Nowhere in the world beauty, taste and perfection have an influence so crucial in culture. When it comes to talking about Italy we talk about a whole almost chaotic of elements, of suggestions but all converge towards a unicum unrepeatable: the Italian taste for beautiful things.
This taste is expressed in design, in architecture, in food, in gastronomic products, in small and big excellences, because we are born surrounded by beauties handed down from millennia of history, because we live in a country with a particularly clement climate and natural landscapes ones that are splendid in their beauty wildness.
When we talk about good taste, we must name Italy. If we speak only of gastronomic goodness our 20 regions express each one own distinct and precious uniqueness. And inside of the individual regions, we can go to discover hundreds of other typical products that have their own tradition, their expressive strength, their wealth in terms of production capacity, tradition, value.
The Italian landscape has inspired great artists and still continues to host great human, entrepreneurial and technological experiences.
We are an inexhaustible mine of treasures that we want to share with the rest of the world.