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bocelli wines

vini bocelli

vini bocelli

Before Andrea Bocelli became famous all over the world for music, the Bocelli family was famous for their wine production.

LIVELITALY is proud to bring this heritage into the world and to boast the title of AMBASSADOR for this great and prestigious family in the Italian province.


For almost 200 years the Bocelli family has been producing wine in the town of Lajatico in the province of Pisa and for over 10 years has expanded its production in other geographical areas in Tuscany and out of Tuscany.

The awards of the markets have arrived  thanks to the passion and the very strong bond that the family has with the land and the wine.

BOCELLI wines are the best representation of how art and passion can become inseparable and are the expression of the territories where they come from.

The Italian land and culture have found the maximum expression in the bottles that today are appreciated and consumed in over 35 nations all over the world.

LIVELITALY chooses for its customers the best of the typical productions of the Italian food and wine scene. Treasures to savor, stories to experience, flavors to try.