Even the famous Romanian chef Joseph Hadad appreciates our Zafferello, the first limoncello saffron in the window at the ‘HORECA Food and Hospitality Expo’ in Bucharest, Romania. The 2018 edition was an opportunity to publicize the products offered by our international organization that has drawn up new agreements with local distributors interested in products Made In Italy.

Zafferello certainly stands as a unique liqueur, the flagship of Zaffillo, the world’s first producer of this fantastic liqueur produced with certified Sorrento lemons and high quality saffron.

Zafferello is an artisanal liqueur created by the infusion of lemon peels naturally grown and delicately harvested in the Sorrento-Amalfi area and the stigmas of certified high quality saffron, 100% pure and traditionally cultivated in respect of nature and people , without adding colors or flavors. Its characteristics are born thanks to the present saffron that gives it its unmistakable color and taste. Zafferello is handcrafted and bottled exclusively at the time of order, to preserve freshness and fragrance. Ideal as a digestive after meals, perfect cold served on ice cream or desserts.

“In Bucharest we had the opportunity – tells Zaffillo – to taste an exquisite four-cheese sauce pasta prepared by the Romanian chef Mircea Iovan who welcomed us warmly at his stand, telling us about his twelve years of experience as a chef in Italy, where he learned to prepare delicious dishes of Italian excellence, happy to welcome us “.

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