It’s called Zafferello, a unique liqueur, is the saffron limoncello: the pride of Zaffillo, the world’s first producer of this fantastic liqueur produced with certified IGP Sorrento lemons and high quality saffron.

Zafferello is an artisanal liqueur created by the infusion of lemon peels naturally grown and delicately harvested with the hands in the Sorrento-Amalfi area and the stigmas of certified high quality saffron, 100% pure and traditionally cultivated in respect of nature and people, without adding colors or flavors. Its characteristics are born thanks to the present saffron that gives it its unmistakable color and taste. 

Zafferello is handcrafted and bottled exclusively at the time of order, so as to preserve freshness and fragrance.

Ideal as a digestive after meals, perfect cold served on ice cream or desserts.

Here at Livelitaly, we are proud to represent this wonderful liqueur, as our goal is to provide only Italian excellence to the world.

Come and discover more about this wonderful liqueur!

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