Sometimes it happens that someone arrives to our house and we do not have something to drink to offer, you may have a bottle of BOCELLI WINE but it’s not at a good temperature to drink, and putting the bottle in the freezer is not always a good idea, wine needs to be drunk at a correct temperature in order to take advantage of its characteristics and properties, if it’s drunk at 2° or 4° degrees you won’t perceive the aromas, it will be more acid, that’s why it’s recommended to drink it at 7 to 15 degrees.

It’s recommended in case of emergency to put the bottle into a recipient with ice and water and let it repose for around 15 minutes, this won’t damage the wine composition. Brian McClintic, a master sommelier and wine expert, suggests that you must introduce the bottle in a recipient with water and ice, add salt, but it is important that the bottle must be completely submerged in the water, it has been proved that adding salt will decrease the wine degrees, and it won’t allow to freeze, and it will be faster instead to putting it in the freezer.

Other idea if you not have ice and salt is to wrap the recipient with a humid paper from a newspaper and put it on the freezer for other twenty minutes, other idea is to add frozen grapes to the wine, it will work as a natural ice that will change the temperature of the wine and it will maintain his taste and properties.

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