Olive oil is an essential piece of any cuisine, especially in Italy, here are some interesting and important facts about this ancient and unique product, mostly produced in Tuscany and Puglia region.

Olive oil can be used in almost everything, almost every dish, for frying, cooking, you can always find a use, but olive oil is really delicate, the oxidization is really fast and you should keep away from heat and light, that’s why it comes in a dark green bottle, and should not be stored next to your stove, and, if you are passionate about cooking, be sure to use as soon as possible the bottle, it is better to consume it faster than keeping it stored after opening, be sure also to consume it before the best buy date.

Like wine, olive oil has different flavors, it depends on the climate and the territory where they are produced, it could be grassy, bitter, fruity, we suggest to try it pure, grab a spoon and pour some oil and you will experience the real taste. Also olive oil is a great resource from Vitamin A and D, even if you cook it you will still have the benefits of the antioxidants and vitamin it contains.

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