Many important people use image and reputation for throwing in fields outside activity where they have been successful. Outside the Italian border, we see Gerard Depardieu who opened two restaurants in Paris. Where, offers the Moscato of Pantelleria, that produces in the island his partner, the splendid and mature Carol Bouquet. And what about Francis Ford Coppola, director of “the godfather” and “Apocalipse now”, which makes a great wine in Napa Valley?

Different, totally different is the case of wines produced by Andrea Bocelli together with his brother Alberto and to his sister-in-law Cinzia in Lajatico. We have discovered reading the text that the most famous singer in the world gave to our readers for the great Tuscan cuisine. Andrea and Alberto Bocelli make wine because they are grown among the vineyards of dad Sandro. Because every farmer had his wine, to be proud of. Because the earth, especially if conquered with difficulty (bis-grandfather of Bocelli was only a metayer of the Corsini) is something almost impossible to detach.

And it is no coincidence that the wine’s flagship  of this small business (less than 30,000 bottles) is called Terre di Sandro  – Sandro’s lands (the name of the father) and is produced with the same grapes that are born from those vineyards that Bocelli’s dad has grown practically up to its disappearance. My father in law – tells Cinzia, mother of Alessio (21 years), Rachel (18) and Maddalena (11) – had a dealership of agricultural machines, but as soon as he could ran here in its vineyards. Loved this land, his wine, and this love has passed on to their children. As his father had done Alcide with him.

We are at the steering, on the road from Pontedera to Volterra. A place that Andrea Bocelli has valued with his theater of silence.

When the summer arrives and there is a growing interest for theater – still explains Cinzia – increase the tourists and visitors who come to visit the shop and the cellar. And here, we are my husband and i to accommodate everyone. All those that came here because they love wine or perhaps they are only intrigued by the name. We like to stay in contact with the people. Without follow certain excesses. Once we have refused to give a wine tasting to a group of Russian tourists in the day of the concert of Andrea, willing to pay any amount. It is not in our ropes this type of relationship with customers, with the lovers.

And so also for guides and critics. The only one who writes of Terre di Sandro or of enchantment is Luca Maroni, because after having known Andrea came in our company to touch our business,” explains Cinzia, while in her office prepares some invoices.

The most wine of the Bocelli’s house goes to the United States, where the Maestro has sold millions of disks. Andrea Bocelli for Americans is not only the heir of Caruso and Pavarotti, but even a  boy with difficulty who made it. And this is a story very American. When he goes on horseback or by bicycle on the streets of Forte dei Marmi, those photos make the tour of the world and they tell not only of a celebrity, but a man who tries always to go beyond the physical boundaries of his problem. In the farm of Lajatico it is also produced excellent honey, extra virgin olive oil (the plants are only 360) and even a grappa. In reality are the marc which depart for the stills of the Berta, famous house in Piedmont, to return in the form of grappa and be sold in the shop of Lajatico, where just to play to be welcome. This is the familiar dimension that gives more flavor to the wines such as the Alcide or Poggioncino.

But having regard to the success and the quality of these wines, has not yet come to mind at home Bocelli to increase production. A choice of life, a philosophy that pushes not exit from a family dimension. But the name Bocelli is too big to think otherwise remain insensitive to the desire to take forward all what is Italian. And so on Tuesday 14 February in Austin, Texas that loves the tenor, Andrea and Allberto will present the Bocelli wines. The wines of the holding shall remain those – still explains Cinzia – but with this label Bocelli wines will add pieces of Italianness to product already exported to the United States. In Austin we will present two wines, a Prosecco and a Morellino di Scansano, chosen with the help of our winemaker, Paolo Caciorgna. An operation of a certain importance because we imagine arriving to distribute half a million bottles only in the United States market.

And it is not finished here. Alberto Bocelli Architect wine uniform, confirms contacts with China and with all the major countries of the Far East, from Japan to South Korea. We think big, and it could not be otherwise. But without move ever from La Sterza. And this is what the people love in wines with label Bocelli.



Source: Il tirreno


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