During the years we have heard about the benefits or coffee, also, about if it’s better to drink hot or cold coffee, we all know that drinking coffee in excess might not be good to health because the excess of caffeine might drive us nervous, it’s recommended from 2 to 5 cups of coffee daily (if you tolerate caffeine well)

Hot coffee has high levels of antioxidants instead of the cold coffee, for the first one, it just takes a few minutes to prepare, instead for cold coffee you might take a day to prepare it with water in a natural temperature. A research made in the Philadelphia University ensures that thanks to the long preparation and the use of natural temperature water, cold coffee wouldn’t have the same acids as hot coffee, that thanks to the fast preparation creates more acids instead of cold coffee, the low quantity of acids in cold coffee, is believed to reduce gastrointestinal problems like stomachache.

Anyway, drinking hot coffee is better considering the fact that it helps to lower diabetes, depression risks and the risk of tumor development, anyway, researchers stated that there’s not too much difference between drinking hot or cold coffee, it depends on how we react our senses to hot drinks, caffeine doesn’t change thanks to temperature. Anyway, drinking coffee in any temperature, gave us antioxidants, reduces Parkinson symptoms, it’s good for the brain, liver and reduces tumor risks, in conclusion, drink coffee the way you like it, we recommend a DOKITO espresso, one of our excellent products, but remember to don’t exceed to much!

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