It prevents cardiovascular diseases and from today this detail will also have to be indicated on the packages for sale: a further recognition for extra virgin olive oil and its positive effects on health comes from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The US organization has invited to indicate on the packs of extra virgin olive oil, containing at least 70% of oleic acid, that their consumption brings cardiovascular benefits when it replaces the saturated fat harmful to the heart. So a not-so-important promotion of extra-virgin olive oil that Coldiretti made known on the occasion of the “Italian Olive Oil Rescue Day”.

“In particular,” Coldiretti writes, “the United States Food Health Agency suggests writing about the bottles that consuming about half a tablespoon of oil without increasing the total calories taken daily provides an important preventive effect on health.”

“The decision of the FDA is a response to the alarmist and unjustified taxes incurred by some countries with a resolution that urges the UN member states to adopt deceptive labeling systems and punitive tax policies for foods considered hazardous to health because they are rich of fats, sugars or salt, to be discussed at the General Assembly in New York within the year. An infamous brand – underlines Coldiretti – which favors artificial products and already today unfairly affects the ‘made in Italy’ extra-virgin packages sold from Great Britain to Chile, where red lights or black stamps are applied to discourage the consumption of the basic product of the diet Mediterranean, always considered an elixir of long life. ”

“The promotion achieved in the US represents a further recognition of the positive health effects associated with the consumption of extra virgin olive oil which has led to a real boom in purchases over the last twenty-five years, with a worldwide growth of 49% that has changed the diet of citizens in many countries “, continues Coldiretti. “A phenomenon particularly evident in the United States, where the consumption of olive oil has even tripled in the space of a generation, reaching a record figure of 315 million kilos (+ 174%) and raising the USA to third place after Italy and Spain between the biggest buyers. ”


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