NOTE: This Article is by the website, Livelitaly only traduced to English SOURCE: Fabrizio Ratiglia ROMA Italian drinks are getting more famous. It is an unstoppable trend that is taking place on all continents. From Europe, to the United States, to Russia, to Canada, to the Far East, to Australia, there is no bar,

NOTE: This article is written by, Livelitaly only traduced to english, all credits goes to them SOURCE: 6.8% rise to nearly two billion dollars. France lead for second year in a row thanks to the advantage in rosé. Our country remains the leading supplier of reds and whites. Forte (ICE NY Agency): we need

This is an article written by the website, Livelitaly only traduced to English  SOURCE: DNA test for saffron: the results allowed us to reconstruct the history of its plant and provide precious elements to protect it and avoid counterfeits. It has been discovered, for example, that the plant descends from the intersection of two

ARTICLE BY: SFRIDOO.COM – TRADUCED IN ENGLISH BY LIVELITALY SOURCE: The valorization of the by-product of the oil production chain in the project of the Cnr di Lecce becomes a pate to be used in the bakery products sector The project financed by the Puglia Region and carried out by the Institute of Food Production