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LIVELITALY chooses for its customers the best of the typical products of the italian panorama food and wine. Treasures to discover, stories to live, flavors to try.


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During the years we have been told about drinking wine was good for health, but no one told you before about the real benefits that wine can give us.   Wine is rich in antioxidants that can help to avoid diseases like cancer, especially white wine, the presence of flavonoids that comes from the seeds

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After 4 years of stop at quote of 132 billion euro, italian food production finally returns to grow by sighting the 137 billion euro in 2017 (190 if we consider the entire sector, including primary), with an increase of 2.6% on the previous year. This is the best growth recorded over the last decade to

The Italian agro-food sector finds its strength in to the districts. An industrial model that seemed entered in crisis a few years ago, but still able to exalt some productions of Made in Italy, and among these in particular the food sector thanks to the virtuous bond between territory, PDO protected designation of origin (the

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Many important people use image and reputation for throwing in fields outside activity where they have been successful. Outside the Italian border, we see Gerard Depardieu who opened two restaurants in Paris. Where, offers the Moscato of Pantelleria, that produces in the island his partner, the splendid and mature Carol Bouquet. And what about Francis